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Tue Jan 5

What are the pain relief effects of Tramadol in kidney disease care?

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Patients with chronic kidney problems suffer from tremendous pain. However, it is not easy to prescribe medicine for individuals with a Renal problem, as it might cause additional stress on the organ. Yes, most of the drugs get excreted via urine, which adds stress to the kidney. It might have a minimal effect on ordinary individuals, but it might be dangerous for someone with an already injured or low-functioning kidney. Before you buy Tramadol for pain, it is essential to know that mild pain is treatable by generic acetaminophen. In case of moderate to severe pain, you need Tramadol. (Learn about the effects of Tramadol)

Pain-related to dialysis and renal insufficiency

While treating pain caused by dialysis or renal insufficiency, the effects of Tramadol are favorable. Most of the common pain medications are not the best choice in this condition. However, low dose Tramadol is one of the safest options next to hydromorphone, fentanyl, or hydrocodone.

The main reason doctors think twice before allowing patients to use painkillers is the medicine’s effect on the kidney during excretion of the drug. However, it is not the same case with Tramadol. The effects of Tramadol on pain are similar to other pain medications. However, Tramadol gets metabolized in the liver, which excretes 60% of the consumed dose via metabolites. Only 30% of the dose gets excreted via the urine. This process makes Tramadol the best choice for patients with renal insufficiency or dialysis.

Since most of the dose gets removed during hemodialysis, the drug does not stay in the system for longer, and continuous re-dosing becomes necessary.

Effects of Tramadol and neuropathic pain

Patients with kidney problems often buy painkillers for related pains like ankle or leg. More than 90% of patients undergoing dialysis will experience neuropathic pain. The effects of Tramadol on neuropathic pain are positive and better than placebo (in a controlled randomized study). However, there are no specific proofs to show that Tramadol is better than clomipramine or morphine. The study also proved that Tramadol is suitable for touch-evoked pain, paresthesia, or allodynia.

Why is the caution necessary?

Tramadol might impart less stress on the kidney, but it is a strong drug. You should not order Tramadol cash on delivery without consulting a doctor. If you are a renal patient or have a history of renal problems, it is imperative to talk to your doctor before proceeding. Since Tramadol does not cure the root cause of the pain, prolonged usage becomes necessary, which most doctors do not recommend.

Even if you order Tramadol 100 mg online from reputed pharmacies, you will experience side effects like nausea, sleeping disorder, watering eyes, sweating, diarrhea, restlessness, and more. Most importantly, Tramadol can induce habit-formation and has a withdrawal effect. Thus, it is best to stick with the dose that your doctor prescribes.

Practically, doctors prescribe a very low dose, which might not nullify your pain completely, but just makes it bearable. Adding more pills to your regime might be lethal as it can cause severe side effects, overdose, or harmful effects on your kidney. It is best to choose any non-medical ways to deal with the pain along with Tramadol, if possible.

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